Do you like to stroke your belly during pregnancy? A study found that your baby too

One of the things I enjoyed the most in my pregnancy was stroking my belly , especially after the second trimester, when you could tell that my daughter was coming. And it is that it feels very nice to know that a new life is being created within you, which has already stolen your heart from before birth.

Stroking the belly or touching it gently is something that feels good. But, did you know that those caresses that you do to your belly also like your baby? A study shows us .

The study

Researchers at the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom conducted a study to analyze the behavior of the fetus when hearing the voice and feeling the touch of its mothers .

To carry out the study, 23 pregnant women participated: 10 in the second trimester and 13 in the third trimester, all between weeks 21 and 33 of pregnancy. Sonograms were used and the movements of the babies were recorded as the mothers spoke and stroked their tummies.

Fetuses were found to show more arm, head, and mouth movements when mothers touched their tummies, while movements decreased when they spoke. In addition, babies who were in the third trimester showed more responses to these stimuli compared to those who were just in the second trimester, which could reflect the process of maturation of the nervous system.

In general, the study found that the maternal touch on the tummy is a very powerful stimulus , producing different responses in the baby’s behavior.

Enjoy your pregnant belly

You may wonder, hadn’t they said that babies don’t hear anything when they’re in the tummy? It is true that new things are discovered every day that change what we thought, but let’s not let that discourage us. We can continue to do so, especially if it causes us illusion, since talking to the belly is good even if the baby is not able to hear us , since it serves those of us outside because we can gradually create an emotional bond with him .

About the movements being reduced when “listening” to the mother’s voice, perhaps (it’s just my theory) that is because when pregnant women speak to our tummy we do it with affection, and we transmit that emotional tranquility to our baby making him relax too .

With these results we can feel even more beautiful when touching our tummy and doing it frequently , because now we know that our baby also likes to feel our hands.

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